Friday, January 17, 2014

Girl And Me, The Boy (My Song)

Girl and me,the boy
By Emma L.

There's a girl in the corner.
She's the girl with the story that no one would believe. 
I asked who she thinks she was.
She replied, "I 'm not who I once was. "
When stars come crashing down, 
I'm trapped beneath the atmosphere.
I hear someone call my name.
I spun around and caught a flame.*:)

Then she said, " Now I realize that person who called me was you."  

Don't you know who you are?
Don't you know who you are?

She's memorized all the lines.
She's moving on to bigger and better things.
All she has to do is......remember..........who she is.
So,.................. remember............. who you are.

*The girl who doesn't know who she is' point of view
*:)I tend to use the lyrics of some of my other songs.

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